Asthma: What your symptoms are and how to treat it

People with asthma can live normally, if they are well diagnosed, take the right medication and maintain proper follow-up with specialists

Asthma is a condition that, when activated, causes shortness of breath, as if his breath was lacking. People with asthma can coughing (especially at night and in the morning), wheezing ( they hear hissing while breathing) and chest depression (they may feel a feeling similar to having someone sitting on your chest). In addition, sometimes, they have more mucous secretions than normal in the lungs. All of these symptoms are caused by swelling and narrowing airways that accompany the disease. The following article explains the symptoms of asthma and ways to treat asthma.

The allergic form is more common and your symptoms are triggered by allergen inhalation. An allergen is a substance, in principle, harmless but causing a reaction excessive in the immune system of the body of the allergic. The most common allergens are dust mites, animal dandruff, pollen and mold. Imagine going out on the street in the midst of the pollination of the Olive trees. If you are not allergic nothing will happen to you, but otherwise, pollen that enters your nose when breathing will trigger a reaction in chain that ends up causing inflammation and swelling of the pathways and the symptoms described above.

Four questions about asthma

  • 1. What causes asthma if you don't have allergies? The people who don't have allergies but do have asthma can appreciate your signs when exercising abruptly or unscateredly, when infected with viruses or bacteria, by cold air or by gastroesophageal reflux (when the stomach valve does not closes well).
  • 2. Do you know anyone with asthma? If the answer to this question was no… you have to know that, if asthma is okay controlled, the signs of the disease cited before are hardly Appreciate. So it might happen that you didn't know that someone from your environment has asthma. A person with asthma can lead a normal life, as long as your treatment is right.
  • 3. What types of treatment does a person with asthma need? Treatment will depend on the type of asthma and the intensity or severity disease. In any case, the base treatment is Medicinal.
  • 4. Can people with asthma play sports? It's not who can do it, but they must! Years ago, the patients with respiratory pathologies exercise, but has shown that physical activity helps control the condition. From anyway, it will be interesting to take some precautions like: use peak-flow (tool to see if there is much or little bronchial obstruction) to adjust medication and prevent possible onset of symptoms; warm up and end the activity by taking some time to recover; control breathing by breathing through the nose or lips clamps; breathe by moving your belly and trying not to lift too much shoulders…

Asthma medications: much more than inhalers

In the cinema you see scenes in which a character with asthma inhales air from a pressurized cartridge. Well, in these cases it is always essential to use a camera spacer to administer the medicine correctly.

This type of drug is taken when symptoms appear non- controlled, but people with asthma generally take a powder-like drug that they inhale to reduce inflammation continuously and serves them to be far from that known as asthmatic crisis.

In addition, today, there are new drugs injected who help patients diagnosed with severe asthma or difficult handling. They are medicines with a biological part that can return a normal life to people who had recurrent seizures, although they'll take the medication well.

Pneumologists and allergologists are doctors who will help find the right medication for each situation.

Other useful recommendations

Beyond medications, there are other recommendations that can help: psychotherapy to decrease anxiety, physical therapy to learn how to remove mucous secretions from the chest and improve the way you ventilate, nasal cleansing with water and salt, yoga and relaxation. The Buteyko method is currently being further studied. This system was invented by a Russian physician and is based on the theory that asthmatic symptoms appear when the body notices that you are breathing "too much"; to prevent so much air from coming out, bronchi and nasal mucosa would become inflamed. This discipline proposes simple respiratory control exercises that aim to decrease breathing.

People with asthma can live normally if they are well diagnosed, given the right medication, and given proper follow-up with asthma and allergy specialists, as well as leading an active life. For more information write to us at:

Article publicat a "Eroski Cnnsumer" amb the work of the Lovexair-Respiratory Sick Foundation.

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