Questions and answers about the Buteyko Method.

What is the Buteyko Method? The Buteyko method consists of 7 breathing exercises. They are integrated into the day-to-day life of the person who practices it, improving their breathing. The main objective is to re-edit the hyperventilation that currently accompanies large numbers of people. So what the Buteyko method is looking for is to breatheContinue reading “Questions and answers about the Buteyko Method.”

COVID-19. Physical therapy or without it?

Notice to navigators: I'm going to extend a lot… If you just want to know what physiotherapy can do for the patients infected with sars-cov2 read, go to the last point of the article 😉 (I've been locked up for so long that you can see I needed to express myself.) Introduction It's Friday, MarchContinue reading “COVID-19. Physical therapy or without it?”

Nasal shower

The use of the handkerchief dates back to the 16th century, but the entire physiological mechanism of nasal cleansing is prepared to evacuate secretions from the nostrils into the throat. When a lot of mucus builds up in the nasal cavity, you can choose to perform a nasal shower through a nostril and get theContinue reading “Nasal shower”

Autumn advances and bronchiolitis returns

In Spain, between 12,000 and 14,000 children under one year of age with acute bronchiolitis enter each year When autumn comes, in health centers and hospitals care for many babies with bronchiolitis, one of the most common diseases among minors one year old. It appears mostly between October and January, which generates major epidemics. InContinue reading “Autumn advances and bronchiolitis returns”

Asthma: What your symptoms are and how to treat it

People with asthma can live normally, if they are well diagnosed, take the right medication and maintain proper follow-up with specialists Asthma is a condition that, when activated, causes shortness of breath, as if his breath was lacking. People with asthma can coughing (especially at night and in the morning), wheezing ( they hear hissingContinue reading “Asthma: What your symptoms are and how to treat it”

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