Who am I?

When you come to the center or hire an online room, you will find me. My name is Anna Ferran Roig and I have been a physiotherapist since 2003. I discovered Physiotherapy Respitaròria when going to work in France (shortly after finishing my degree) and since then I have not stopped training and working to help people with respiratory problems of all ages.

I have worked in different French centers, specialized in respiratory rehabilitation. Of note is the time worked in France, where I gained valuable experience in the accompaniment of chronic respiratory diseases. There, physiotherapists work within an interdisciplinary team. Together with the medical team, nursing, dieticians and sports teachers, we work to improve the quality of life of respiratory people.

Upon returning to Camp de Tarragona I wanted to bring everything I had learned in order to improve the quality of life and accompaniment of respiratory patients and their families. In order to publicize all the benefits that a good respiratory physiotherapy treatment can bring, I started a series of talks aimed at families with children. Since then, I combine academic activity, dissemination and attention to users who come to the center.

Below you can see my detailed RESUME.


Since 2014: Entrepreneurial physiotherapist at Inspira't physiotherapy, Alcover.

Since 2014: Associate Professor, URV.

Since 2019: Physiotherapist collaborating in Criar con Sentido Común de Armando Bastida .

Since 2020: Physiotherapist collaborating with Academy Splash.

Since 2020: Collaborating physiotherapist at Splash Academy.

2014-2019: Associate professor, EUSES Terres de l'Ebre.

2017: Coordinator of Programmes and Training, Catalonia. Lovexair Foundation-respiratory patients.

2012-2017: Respiratory Physiotherapist, Tau Salut centre in Tarragona and Ginsol in Reus.

2011-2012: Physiotherapist, Clinique Pneumologique H. Bazire. France.

2010-2011: Physiotherapist, Clinique du souffle la Solane. France.

2006-2010: Entrepreneurial physiotherapist at inspira't physiotherapy centre. Reus.

2005: Physiotherapist at Clinique du souffle la Solane. France.

2004: Physiotherapist in the cardiology and pulmonology department at The Hospital de Villiers-Saint Denis, France.

2003: Physiotherapist at the Medical Medical Center. Salou.


2020-2021 Studying the Title of Expert in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy. Blanquerna, Ramon Llull University.

2020 Accreditation: Buteyko Method, Beathing Practitioner. Buteyko clinique.

2020 Course Protocols to prevent contagion by Covid-19. College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia.

2020 Course prevention and control of infections. Who

2020 Course Update in Physiotherapy in the affectation of the COVID-19. General Council of Colleges of Physiotherapists of Spain.

2020 Course prevention and control of infections. Physioplus.

2020 Role Course of Physiotherapy in covid-19. Physioplus.

2020 Course Understanding the disease of coronavirus (Covid-19). Physioplus.

2019 Course "Désencombrement des voies aériennes". Hôpitaux Universitaires Genêve.

2019 Course care for children with chronic respiratory diseases. Catalan Society of Pneuology (SOCAP), Barcelona.

2018 International Congress of Physiotherapy. Association of Physiotherapists of Catalonia, Barcelona.

2018 SOCAP Congress, Lleida

2017 Course respiratory physiotherapy guided by auscultation. Guy Postiaux. Gestures, Barcelona.

2017 SOCAP Congress, Badalona.

2012 Congress on respiratory rehabilitation "Alvéole". Lion, France.

2011 Seminar: "Non-invading ventilation". Agiràdom.

2010 Respiratory Physiotherapy Course in Paediatrics. College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia.

2008 Postgraduate Physiotherapy of the Thorax. Gimbernat University Schools.

2004 Seminar: "Respiratory rehabilitation" . Clinique du Souffle La Solane.

2000-2003: Diploma in Physiotherapy. Rovira i Virgili University.


I am currently a volunteer at FisiosMundi.

2014-2017 Volunteer at the Lovexair Foundation.

As a young man, volunteer at esplai l'Albada in Reus and Esplai Castellnou in Andorra.


Socap (Catalan Society of Pulmonology) and SCBF (CAtalano-Balear Society of Physiotherapy).

Of the SEPAR (Spanish Society of Neumología y Cirugía Torácica).

Of the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia. Collegiate Number 4646.

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