At Inspira't I can help you:

  1. Improving your nasal hygiene to avoid respiratory complications.
  2. Teaching you to drain bronchi with updated bronchial drainage techniques. Nothing "clable", but we use flow modulation techniques guided by auscultation.
  3. With the Buteyko method you can learn to breathe better. Especially interesting in people with allergies, snoring, asthma, rhinitis and nasal taping.
  4. With small groups of respiratory gymnastics: sometimes it costs to do at home everything we know we need to do to keep the disease well controlled. At Inspira't we have small groups of respiratory gymnastics, to carry out therapeutic physical activity appropriate to your pathology and with supervision. And being in a group also helps, and a lot, to integrate certain aspects of chronic diseases.
  5. By evaluating your current physical activity, we can help you modulate, increase and improve your current physical activity. We are not personal trainers, but we can give you tools to exercise at home safely and make it really profitable.
  6. With our machines we prepare mucus to help evacuate it with breathing.

When you come to the consultation for the first time, what we will do will be as follows:

  • You will fill in the data protection form.
  • We're going to open a tab.
  • You will explain to me the reason for the consultation and inform us of your current state of health as well as your background.
  • We will carry out the necessary examinations and consider carrying out specific tests in case they can be useful, depending on the objectives you have.
  • We will check that the nasal hygiene is being carried out correctly.
  • We will apply the necessary techniques and utensils to improve your health, as far as possible.
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