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If you or someone in your family has respiratory problems, I can help you. I treat all kinds of respiratory, acute and chronic diseases (Bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, encostipated, sinuses, asthma, COPD (COPD), bronchocsis, cystic fibrosis…); I help prepare thoraceous or abdominal surgeries; and now, I also work to reduce the aftermath of the Covid-19 (in person if there is no longer a risk of contagion or telematics).

One of my specialties is the Buteyko Method, which helps a lot in case of asthma, allergies, Alcover rhinitis and snoring. And it's funny that you don't have to live near Acper to benefit! On-line sessions work very well.

Do you want to know what some of my patients think of the treatment received in Inspira't? Here are some of the things you liked most about working with us:

  • 'I liked the way Anna explains the situation and how to do the procedures. It gives a lot of security for when you do it at home and you learn to do a better management of mucus. In respiratory matters, it is more resolute than going to the pediatrician".
  • "Sobretodo me has tasted the profesionalidad, the sencillez y el resultado".
  • "We liked the trato recibido. Anna clarifies always todas las dudas que tenemos y nos da consejos muy buenos para el día a dia".
  • "The professionalism, the treatment, the sincerity… Wow, everything!"
  • You get and you're leaving better.

Protocol COVID-19

Because the Covid-19 will stay for a while in these lands, I maintain the prevention and hygiene measures that I established from March.

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