In paediatrics, the most common reason for consultation is mucus. However, before considering starting a crusade against mucus, we must assess whether or not these mucus interfere with the quality of life of the little person. If they have mucus but live normal life, eat, sleep and live as normal, we do not recommend that you take them to us. Having mucus is healthy as they help us fight diseases. When excessive mucus represents a health problem is when we will have to act.

We are really necessary when there is accumulation of mucus at the lung level. Respiratory physiotherapy is a very good complement to medication as both therapies act differently and get better results if all their effects are added. In some specific cases, applying physiotherapy techniques will help to reduce the doses of medication, but it will not be our main objective. The most important thing is to join efforts to achieve an improvement of the patient's condition.

In cases of paediatric asthma, from the age of 5 we usually start applying buteyko method exercises directly with children. Before this age, it usually help us that parents are introducing the exercises for themselves.

When you come with a child to the consultation for the first time, what we will do will be as follows:

  • You will fill out the data protection form.
  • We're going to open a tab.
  • You will explain the reason for the consultation and inform us of the current state of health as well as the background, if any.
  • We'll do the necessary scans.
  • We will check that the nasal hygiene is being carried out correctly. There are currently many possibilities when it comes to disobstructing a baby's nose. We will review how you do it at home and try to improve it.
  • We will apply the techniques and utensils necessary to improve the health of the child.

We always work guided with auscultation and avoid any unnecessary manoeuvre. The techniques we apply are painless. What can happen is that children do not live positively and there are crying. But as we work and notice that we help them, they usually stop crying and start collaborating.

In France respiratory physiotherapy is fully integrated into the health system. When a child has a respiratory problem, a physiotherapist will treat him almost every day. Here in Catalonia we are far from this model, although increasingly respiratory physiotherapy is being established in the public system. At Inspira't we try to autonomize parents as much as possible, especially in the case of chronic problems, progressively teaching manoeuvres that can help children and be able to do so at home, returning only from time to time to control evolution.

Often, come to the consultation with many doubts about the nasal hygiene of the little ones of the house. Here's a video on nasal hygiene in pediatrics:

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