Price list and timetables

First visit (45′): 50€
First on-line visit (55′) 50€
Long visit (45′): 40€
On-linevisit (55′) 40€
Short visit (20′): 25€
Emergency visit surcharge: 12€
5 long visits pass:190€
10 long visits pass:350€
5 short visits pass:€110
10 short visits pass:180€
Visits cancelled 24 hours in advance for no justified medical reason will be charged at the next visit.
The emergency bonus will be applied to the efecuted visits in the scheduled time slots for emergencies and if they are made outside the usual hour
s of the center. The emergency surcharge will not be applied to people who have
an active subscription. Passes will be family usable, except for first vis
its. The passes will be valid for one year.

Members of large families and single parent families, enjoy a 10% discount, presenting the corresponding supporting documents. These discounts will NOT be applicable to subscriptions.

Regular opening hours from 14 September 2020:

DayMorning Afternoon Emergencies
from 09am to 1pmfrom 4pm to 8pmfrom 8pm to 10pm
from 09am to 1pmfrom 4pm to 8pmfrom 8pm to 10pm
from 09am to 1pmfrom 4pm to 8pmfrom 8pm to 10pm
from 09am to 1pmfrom 4pm to 8pmfrom 8pm to 10pm
from 09am to 1pmClosedfrom 2pm to 3pm
from 09am to 1pmClosedfrom 8am to 9am and from 1pm to 2pm
Emergency hours are designed to book hours for people who cannot wait to be served during normal hours.

Changes due to COVID-19

  • I have introduced the possibility of telematic sessions. Especially designed for Buteyko Method sessions and/or sessions in case of active covid-19.
  • I have limited the times of the visits to be able to disinfect and ventilate the spaces properly.
  • The new protective and hygiene measures allow me to keep the sessions short if you only need one type of intervention: only one machine, only nasal hygiene or just bronchial drainage.
  • Short visits are kept for controls of bronchiolitis, bronchitis and chronic diseases that do not require complex or long treatments. They are also maintained to apply the steam engine in preventing otitis. In all these cases, short visits will last a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • If you have a “short visits” pass and book a visit, I’ll only be able to do one type of intervention. If you need more than one type of intervention, we will have to book a whole hour, discounting two visits of the pass.

Thank you for your understanding.

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