Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy is the branch of physiotherapy that is responsible for preventing, treating and stabilizing alterations of the respiratory system using physical techniques. It aims to restore or improve lung function.

Currently there are still no specialties in physiotherapy, but we are working to make one of the first to exist is the specialty in respiratory physiotherapy, taking into account the high level of complementation of studies required after the physiotherapy career in order to be able to work successfully in this field.

At Inspira't we do:

  • Nasal hygiene, adapting the technique to:
    • The age of the patient.
    • The location of excess mucus.
  • Bronchial drainage, adapting the technique to:
    • The age of the patient.
    • The location of excess mucus.
  • Ventilation improvement techniques.
  • Respiratory gymnastics.
  • Accompaniment to therapeutic physical activity.
  • Buteyko method.

Machines and utensils that help us:

  • Stethoscopes.
  • Pulsioxymeters.
  • Otoscopes.
  • Lower air nebulizers.
  • Pulsatile nebulizer to work the sine.
  • Wet heat machine (balneotherapy).
  • Incentive inspirometers.
  • Inspirational resistances.
  • Positive Expiration Pressure Devices.
  • Oxygen therapy if necessary.

Pathologies we treat: Acute and chronic bronchitis; Bronchiolitis; Asthma: COPD; Bronchiectasis; Cystic fibrosis; Otitis; Pharyngitis; Rhinitis; Preparation for thoracic and abdominal surgery; Consequences of previous respiratory pathologies (as to exemplify sequelae for Covid-19, tuberculosis…); Etc.

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